Is Website Text Content That Important?

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Writing Website Content.

Writing enough good quality, relevant web page content often creates problems for the smaller business or self-employed website owner. First, you need someone to do it!
If not you - then who?
You also want to be sure that what is written is of benefit for both attracting visitors and for informing those who do come about your product or service!

As part of the on-page website optimisation service I provide, a large part of my time is spent writing, amending and editing web page text.

I like to work closely with the website owner or manager to ensure that what we agree looks and sounds right, plus it fits with the business or trade they are in. I am regularly given some base text, and then asked to 'sharpen it up', or I get asked to 'put something together' and we then bounce it backwards and forwards until we are happy that it is correct.

Quite often we identify that the page content that is presently in place can be improved, and again, editing and amending it tends to be a collaborative effort.

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