Organising A Website/Business Profile.

Website and Business Marketing Profile Information.

Additional information about business profiles.

The website and business marketing profiles I set up are hand written following internet and ethical search engine optimisation best practice. Once in place a profile is effectively a stand-alone web "business card". (You do not have to have a website to use this service!!) Most importantly, I work to achieve a very high search engine listing for your page from 'general' search terms, not just your name or business name.

To illustrate this, do a Google search for 'wholesale trees norfolk' and you will find the profile page for Sandy Lane Nursery somewhere on the first or second page. Do the same for 'business printing peterborough' and the profile page for Print 4 Business Ltd will, again, be somewhere on the first or second pages.

As mentioned in my main pages, getting a high listing, particularly on a geographical, or 'local' basis takes time; can be a bit hit-and-miss; and is in no way "guaranteed"!! That said, once I have made the commitment to write and promote your profile page, I will continually edit and tweak the content until I get the highest search engine listing I can.

The website and business marketing services I offer are specifically for small business and the self-employed. If you would like to take advantage of this very effective business promotional facility please click here to complete your information form.

If you would prefer to talk through your options and specific requirements first, please email by clicking here.